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Your Client Journey

Your Client Journey


We strive to offer a more personalized process and that is why we created our 360 process to help us understand what is important to you. Our process is designed around your values and goals first and foremost. Since we are Independent, we represent You not a Company!

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Client Centered


Are your Finances moving towards your Life Goals? We will help you look at this as we work together to Optimize your Finances! We will review the following-

1) Investments

2) Emergency Fund

3) Life Insurance

4) Home/ Auto Insurance

As we review this with you, we will compare this with the Goals you definied in the Design Process and ask ourselves these 4 questions. 

a) Are you maximizing the Investments Performance based upon the risk you are taking?

b) Can you lower the cost on what you are paying for Insurance?

c) Can we improve your coverage and does the coverage fit your goals?

d) Can we increase the Interest you are receiving on your Emergency Fund?

Once we have these answers, we can help Optimize your Finances towards your Life Goals!

Client Centered


I love the Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry"A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish"

Most people never take time to create a plan to reach their Life Goals! This is where we come in as your Guide!

During the Financial Planning process, we will look at the following items with you-

  1. Have you saved enough or will you run out of money?
  2. How does Social Security or Pensions fit in to your Goals?
  3. Do you have a Will or Trust in Place, so your family is protected when something happens to you?
  4. What is the most tax-efficent way to go through retirement?
  5. If you wanted to, could you retire earlier?
  6. How do you create a Legacy to your loved ones?

During the Planning process we like to make everything interactive. This will allow us to create multiple scenarios and allows you to choose your Adventure!

We believe that Planning is an ongoing process, so we want to review this periodically to verify you are on track. As we go along the journey with you, our role is to educate to help you create Financial Peace!

Client Centered