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Client 360 Planning

The Client 360 Planning process focuses on 5 Key Areas of your Financial Life:

  • Helping & Protecting Family
  • Enjoying and Protecting Lifestyle
  • Planning Ahead
  • Creating Financial Comfort
  • Building a Legacy

In order to help maximize your potential for success in all areas of your financial life, we take a comprehensive approach to your unique situation and goals. We believe in walking our clients through each individual planning step. We use Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps to help guide us in our discussions to see where the gaps are in your Financial Plan. If needed, we will use a more Comprehensive Planning tool to help clarify your vision and paint the picture.

We've been reminded repeatedly in recent years that navigating financial markets is not an easy task. Therefore, we take great care in assembling a "Team of Trusted Professionals" or coordinating with your existing professionals to make sure all aspects of your financial life are being addressed.

The Planning process will be dynamic, not static, so as your goals change, we will update the course to walk with you.The planning process will be based on each individual's goals and needs, not ours!

Click here to open up Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps!