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Our Wealth Management Process


We strive to offer a more personalized process and that is why we created our 360 process to help us understand what is important to you. Our process is designed around your values and goals first and foremost.

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The Build process of your portfolio first starts with your personalized risk score. We discuss your comfort levels with risk in the initial meeting, and then we will e-mail you a short interactive questionnaire to confirm we Build your portfolio around you, your goals and your personalized risk.

Then we will Build your portfolio with multiple strategies based on your goals and personalized risk score.

1. Strategic Strategies - Just like you want to find a bargain when you go shopping, our core portfolios are built with a value-driven approach to help us find underpriced investments for our clients. We seek to combine a very diversified and long-term structured portfolio with low-cost investments.

This type of approach will go up and down with the market from year to year, but historical evidence supports long-term growth as illustrated in the graph below.

2. Tactical Strategies - Strategists in this mandate are highly flexible and able to adjust to changing market conditions. Their active approach allows them to increase/decrease their exposure to Market Movement as their research dictates.

3. Diversifiers Strategy - Strategists in this area are employed to disengage from the Stock Market to protect against a sharp market downturn. These strategies tend to be more conservative then other area's of the market, so they don't fit into every portfolio.


At Swan Wealth Management, we use several strategies to protect your accounts.

a) Rebalancing- This is an important step that many people neglect when they try to manage their own investments. Rebalancing supports the philosophy of "buy low and sell high."

b) Educate- We send out educational articles and are always here to answer questions so our clients can make wise choices.

c) Diversification- A baseball team has different players with many different skills that are designed to compliment the entire team to find the winning formula. Your portfolio will hold different areas of the market that will perform differently during the various market cycles.

d) Discipline- The average investor tends to buy and sell at the wrong time. According to a study, you will notice if you don't have a disciplined strategy you may underperform the market. Through planning and communication, we can help you stick to your investment strategy!

Diversification and Asset Allocation Strategies do not assure a profit or protect against loss.